Who’s that then?

Well, I am Joshua. From humble beginnings, as a Junior front end developer (With a bit of WordPress) I have experienced the entire gamut of the digital creative process  working as a digital designer / developer and then moving on to a senior creative role at a London advertising agency. Over the past 8 years I have designed, built and delivered a number of projects from websites for start-ups and small businesses to campaign creative for large multinationals.

Me that one time I looked hipster as fuuuUUuck

This is my face that one time I looked like a total hipster

I’ll spare you the fun facts about how many coffees I drink in a day and the animated pie-charts of my expertise with Adobe software (Just picture a pie chart that has a Ninja’s face on it and the outer-glow layer effect) and just say this… I am committed to creating engaging on-screen experiences and communicating complex subject matter in a way that is effortless and charming.


This is me that one time I had a big beard and looked a bit concerned

Now… I don’t know if you have noticed but there is an extremely suspicious looking *POKE* button at the top of the screen and I have no idea what it does. Give a test.


This is me when I was quite a bit smaller but had some sweet threadz