Starting the Natural Wine Movement

The world of mainstream wine is stuffy and conformist. Rules & ritual. Our audience didn’t want any of that. They were looking for interesting human stories and experiences off the beaten path. This was the key insight for a digital design and branding project bringing exclusively Natural and Biodynamic wines to the fore for the first time.

Enter CraftVino, with a roster of rogue wine producers, scattered across Europe who forego large-scale manufacturing processes. By using no pesticides on the land and putting fewer chemical additives into the bottle, by Planting and harvesting in harmony with nature these men and women were rejecting the status quo.

I created a brand that brought that sense of fierce independence and non-conformist attitude to life .

“Where others turned to chemical agents in the pursuit of predictability & uniformity these growers embraced the wild character of nature and used it to their advantage”

Shoot art-directed by Zoë Stock 🙂
Photography Derek Manning

I designed and oversaw the early part of the development of a fully responsive Magento e-commerce website. We had a particular UI challenge in creating a ‘case-building’ mechanism, allowing the user to fill slots in a virtual case.